About Feasts

The Nineteen-Day Feast is the centrepiece of Bahá'í community life. Held once per 19-day Bahá'í month, the Feast is simultaneously a point of spiritual renewal, a forum for the discussion of community affairs, and a chance to catch up with friends over food and drink.

The Feast usually begins with a selection of prayers and passages from the holy books, followed by whatever prayers anyone present wishes to offer personally. Following the spiritual segment, the administrative segment of the Feast includes discussions of everything that the community is doing – its activities, recent events, important correspondence, finances and upcoming plans. Effective Bahá'í administration requires that the community be informed and engaged in important decisions, and the Feast is a key opportunity for this. The Feast closes with food, friendship, and – if we're lucky – the artistic, dramatic or musical talents of any children who got creative during the administrative discussions.

Kingston's Bahá'í community holds the monthly Feast in the homes of community members; for this reason, we generally don't publish the addresses in public. Bahá'ís visiting from elsewhere near a Feast date are encouraged to contact us for the location.

The Feast is, as a general rule, open to the local Bahá'í community and to visiting Bahá'ís, but not to others.